Quality Assurance Unit

Dr. Anathe Kimaro

Ag. Head - Quality Assurance

Its objective is to maintain academic standards and ensure quality of education provided by the institute for academic awards is met and maintained throughout the delivery of the programme.


  1. Ensure standards and render advice on the development of curriculum for certificates, Diploma and degree awards,
  2. Advice and review policies and regulation related to academic, research and consultancy for effective and efficient implementation of programmes
  3. Develop/adopt tools for quality assurance and control of the implementation of Adult education programmes
  4. Ensure standards and render advice on the planning, implementation, development and evaluation for all academic,research and consultancy process in the institute
  5. Spread the IAE's effort in mainstreaming risk management consideration for effective achievement of IAE Vision and Mission;
  6. Facilitation of external evaluation of the Institute and accreditation of academic programmes by statutory and accreditation bodies, and
  7. Monitoring implementation of recommendations arising from and external evaluations