Research, Publication and Consultancy

Dr. Belingtone E Mariki

Ag. Head - Research, Publication and Consultancy

The objective of this department is initiating research, implementing and evaluating adult education programmes. It is also responsible for disseminating reaching finding and providing consultancy service on adult education and related fields.
The Research, Publications and consultancy department discharges the following functions:

  1. Promote and engage research into the operational and organizational aspects of adult education, evaluating its findings available to the Government and other public authorities,
  2. Disseminate research findings pertaining to adult education programmes carried out by other Institutions or organizations in Tanzania or elsewhere,
  3. To engage in the production, standardization of books and other study materials for adult education as well as disseminating information on new methods and development in the promotion of adult education,
  4. To render advice and assistance to Government and other institutions as well as engage in curriculum development and preparation of syllabi or progammes for adult education,
  5. To provide consultancy services and rendering assistance to workers, employers or workers representative organizations or employers in the planned and orderly development of workers’ education in the United Republic.