Dr. Joshua Edward Mushi

Ag. Registrar


The objective of Registrar’s office is to oversee students’ admission and examinations processes.


  1. Arrange for the appointment of invigilators and monitoring their invigilation;
  2. Liaise with ex-graduates, their records and career development follow-up;
  3. Update and produce academic almanac and students’ prospectors;
  4. Provide assistance to the Deputy Rector for general administration of academic affairs at the Institute;
  5. Process administrative matters relating to the activities of academic departments and examination board/committees;
  6. Ensure handling of academic awards;
  7. Organizing and implementing orientation programmes for new students;
  8. Prepare estimates of income and expenditure for budget of the Registrar’s office;
  9. Facilitate learning (by teaching) of academic programmes in the Institute;
  10. Oversee processing of applications, selection and admission.