Procurement Management Unit

Mr. Christopher Mwakabungu

Ag. Head - Procurement Unit


The Procurement and Supplies Office manages all procurement and disposal by tender at the Institute.


  1. Serve as Secretary to the Tender Board;
  2. Advice the accounting officer on matters pertaining to the procurement of goods, services and logistics management;
  3. Monitor adherence to procurement processes and procedures as per public procurement Act and its regulations;
  4. Manage all procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity except by adjudication and the award of contract;
  5. Implement the decisions of the Tender Board;
  6. Monitor distribution of office supplies and material.
  7. Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity;
  8. Recommend procurement and disposal by tender procedures;
  9. Prepare and submit periodic report to the accounting officer
  10. Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;
  11. Prepare procurement contract documents;
  12. Issue approved contract documents;
  13. Maintain and enforce work ethics and discipline within the section;
  14. Maintain and archive records or the procurement and disposal process and;Develop an annual procurement plan;
  15. Maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded;
  16. Prepare action plan, progress report and budget for the unit; and
  17. Analyze and upload data to the ESMIS and open government

partnership portal related to the unit in accordance with agreed

workflow and protocol;