ICT & Statistics

Mr. Enock Edward Mayengo

Ag. Head - ICT & Statistics


This ICT and Statistics officer manages and advises on the Institute’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and resources including hardware, software, data, and networks.


(i)Analyse and predict technological trends that may benefit vision and mission of the Institute,

(ii)Develop long and short term plan for enhancing the ICT infrastructure at the Institute,

(iii) Advise on strategies and mechanisms for ensuring that the Institute ICT services are delivered with high quality,

(iv) Manage and develop user support solutions,

(v) Ensure that all Institute offices and teaching facilities are ICT enabled and have access to ICT services;

(vi) Participate in evaluation of vendors and technological solutions submitted to the Institute;

(vii) Establish close link among the Institute, community and the industry;