The Institute of Adult Education (IAE) was established in 1960 as an extra mural studies section of Makerere University College, under the University of London. In 1963, the Institute was upgraded into a department and placed under the Dar es Salaam University College. Later on, it became an autonomous Institution established by Parliamentary Act Number 12 of 1975 under then Ministry of National Education, currently, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. To-date, the Institute has become a centre for Learning, Research and Training in Adult Education arena for Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses, Diploma, certificates and post-Primary education learners.Its services have been extended to the grassroots level through regional centres established in 26 regions of Mainland Tanzania.


Professionalism- IAE is committed to provision of high standard adult and non-formal continuing education and training.

Transparency-IAE is committed to operating in an environment of openness and honest transactions.

Integrity-IAE employees will adhere to honesty and strong moral principles in provision of quality adult and non-formal continuing education and training to all Tanzanians.

Accountability-IAE is accountable to, and responsible to its role and functions so as to ensure sustainable development in the field of Adult education.

Creativity and innovativeness-IAE is committed to generation of new ideas, better methods of improving adult and non-formal continuing education and training in Tanzania.

Hard work-IAE is committed to hardworking spirit for ensuring realization of its vision and mission.

Teamwork-IAE is committed to working together and supporting one another in its efforts to achieve its goals and objectives. It is also committed to work with other stakeholders.

Social responsibility-IAE is committed to offering its services in the spirit of stewardship, community empowerment and development

Gender balance-IAE aspires to maintain equal opportunities among its stakeholders irrespective of individual differences

Zero tolerance to corruption