Adult and Continuing Education Studies (ACES)

Dr. Julius Chaligha

Ag. Head - Adult and Continuing Education Studies


The objective of ACES department is conducting and administering post-secondary adult education and related academic training programmes.


  1. Formulate and execute programmes for the training to teacher and administrators of adult education;
  2. Supervise the design and development of curricular for training programmes in adult education and reratedfield for certificates diploma and bachelor level;
  3. Facilitate training to facilitators and administrators of literacy and adult non formal education programmes;
  4. Develop capacities of adult non formal education actors to implement mass and complimentary education in the country.
  5. Linking adult non formal education practise, theory and policy development through student guided research;
  6. Respond to different need of clients by designing and developing tailor made courses;
  7. Ensure expansion of campus and coordinate their activities for harmonization;