Dean of Students

Mr Martin Modaha

Dean of Students


To manage students’ affairs at the Institute and advise the Institutes’ management accordingly.

  1. Providing career guidance and counselling of students;
  2. Organizing and implementing orientation programmes for new students’ leaders;
  3. Managing acceptable codes of ethics for students as guided by the IAE regulations;
  4. Preparing estimates of income and expenditure for budget of the office;
  5. Coordinating relational complaints among employees and students as well as finding solutions related to issues of gender and HIV/AIDS;
  6. Developing appropriate strategies for control and management of anticipated conflicts;
  7. Providing enforcement of students’ by-laws
  8. Supervising junior staff of the unit on matters related to their area of work;
  9. Preparing a report for submission to the management; and

10. Coordinating academic advice for students in collaboration with academic advisors.