Posted On: Oct, 09 2020

List of selected Applicants into Bachelor Degree Programmes for the 2020/2021 Academic year

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Important Information: Applicants with Multiple Admission Status are supposed to visit their Application Accounts and CONFIRM their admission into the selected programmes
A. Programme Name : Bachelor Degree in Adult Education and Community Development
S/No Applicant Name Form Four Index No. Admission Status
1 Natalis Oswald P1363/0225/2014 single admission
2 Latifa Ikome S5298/0009/2016 single admission
3 Katarina Nicetasi S0934/0041/2008 single admission
4 Sadick Yusuph P0379/0594/2001 single admission
5 Yahaya Mbaraka P0554/0061/2017 single admission
6 Anania Msafiri S1538/0013/2007 single admission
7 Mansoury Majidu P0334/0060/2018 single admission
8 Asia Madata P1153/0003/2016 single admission
9 Innocent Mvungi P1288/0084/2015 single admission
10 David Kilumile P0538/0067/2017 single admission
11 Mariam Kinyasi S0204/0145/1992 single admission
12 Boki Faustine P0143/0200/2006 single admission
13 Alana Fungo S0540/0001/1991 single admission
14 Kaja Myegeta S0801/0059/2005 single admission
15 Fatuma Sultani S1189/0255/2007 single admission
16 Gloria Mahali S0201/0041/2006 single admission
17 Athumani Omari S0139/0042/2005 single admission
18 Shafii Ismail S3159/0096/2010 single admission
19 Irene Koillah S0409/0010/2001 single admission
20 Khafidhi Abdul S0105/0042/2005 single admission
21 Nity Myala S0471/0074/2005 single admission
22 Ramadhani Mpwili S0139/0091/2007 single admission
23 Ramla Mustafa S0331/0018/2005 single admission
24 Carolina Chahe s0446/0005/1990 single admission
25 Neema Step S0373/0008/2004 single admission
26 Upendo Step S0373/0012/2004 single admission
27 Kinyonyi Itumbo S0352/0077/1990 single admission
28 Samuel Maguluko P0660/0586/2010 single admission
29 Seleli Issack S0754/0095/2008 single admission
30 Christina Swai S0236/0010/2010 single admission
31 Lucy Mageni S0313/0023/2006 single admission
32 Stella Lazaro S0213/0067/1988 single admission
33 Riziki Gwaharage S0218/0093/1995 single admission
34 Amina Zuberi S0208/0012/1999 single admission
35 Neema Shadrack S1008/0014/2004 single admission
36 Domini Andrew P1250/0014/2010 single admission
37 Beatrice Kaduma S1528/0006/2007 single admission
38 Angahelga Ndomba S0237/0001/1999 single admission
39 Pilly Bandya S0645/0041/2007 single admission
40 Athumani Makame S3781/0038/2010 single admission
41 Lilian Alphonce S0815/0007/2002 single admission
42 Epiphania Edward S0247/0027/2006 single admission
43 Subira Kilua S0222/0223/2003 single admission
44 Rusulo Petro S1414/0035/2007 single admission
45 Edward Kapinga S0685/0090/2009 single admission
46 Hamza Selemani S0861/0036/2003 single admission
47 Waziri Saidi s0714/0050/2006 single admission
48 Chacha Burure S0352/0068/1994 single admission
49 Foida Mwanjasi S0203/0032/1990 single admission
50 Dorice Sanga S0270/0027/2007 single admission
51 Rachel Katamba S1243/0030/2006 single admission
52 Wiljohn Ndege S0949/0232/2009 single admission
53 Sophia Athanas S1323/0067/2009 single admission
54 Siguzimana Kagoma s0585/0103/2007 single admission
55 Beatrice Shirima S0242/0006/2003 single admission
56 Katikiro Manyama S0404/0048/2001 single admission
57 Oliva Mkenda S0506/0086/2006 single admission
58 Jenifer Mlay S0373/0022/1989 single admission
59 Juma Ramadhan S0513/0139/1996 single admission
60 Ester Matofali S0884/0005/2006 single admission
61 Anton Adrian S0429/0022/2004 single admission
62 Yohana Darema S0192/0052/2014 single admission
63 John Chacha S5393/0012/2016 multiple admissions
64 Justine Mtura S0605/0109/2007 multiple admissions
65 Enock Benny P2341/0026/2015 multiple admissions
66 Rashidy Abdul S0766/0124/2009 multiple admissions
67 Blandina Magafu S0108/0006/2010 multiple admissions
68 Patrick Paschal S1457/0164/2009 multiple admissions
69 Fauster Emanuel S0528/0007/1997 multiple admissions
70 Wema Nyiti S0223/0094/1999 multiple admissions
71 Amani Balagula P0967/0058/2007 multiple admissions
72 Emmanuel Andrew P0222/0055/1995 multiple admissions
73 Ndewario Anaely S0688/0045/2000 multiple admissions
74 Charles Chiligati S0512/0034/1991 multiple admissions
75 Ali Mkima S0413/0083/2004 multiple admissions
76 Sixtus Rwehumbiza S0442/0102/1995 multiple admissions
77 Petro Morice S0551/0106/2005 multiple admissions
78 Novastus Majula S0386/0215/1996 multiple admissions
79 Hosseni Mohamed S1282/0057/2007 multiple admissions
80 Hoja Kija S2106/0034/2009 multiple admissions
81 Eligius Adolf S1031/0047/2007 multiple admissions
82 Enea Mposewa S0515/0008/1995 multiple admissions
83 Costantine Lameck S0743/0049/2008 multiple admissions
84 Huruma Lwila S0418/0016/2005 multiple admissions
85 Mussa Protace S0550/0029/2002 multiple admissions
86 Philimon Kiyanga S0604/0049/1996 multiple admissions
87 Njuma Hamisi S1574/0034/2009 multiple admissions
88 Deodatha Apolinary S1659/0009/2008 multiple admissions
89 Amina Ally S1022/0001/2007 multiple admissions
90 Ramadhani Mpili S0954/0031/2005 multiple admissions
91 Raheli Kalinga S0819/0031/2008 multiple admissions
92 Mwajabu Omary S0785/0059/2005 multiple admissions
93 Restituta Tunge S0316/0105/2002 multiple admissions
94 Sospeter Albinus S0784/0256/1998 multiple admissions
95 Theresia Kabona S0652/0021/2003 multiple admissions
B. Bachelor Degree in Adult and Continuing Education
S/No Applicant Name Form Four Index No. Admission Status
1 Tatizo Muhenela S0405/0061/1994 single admission
2 Salome Mwisomba S1455/0015/2007 single admission
3 Mkiwa Mallya S0494/0082/1996 single admission
4 Anthony Nicholaus S0496/0367/1995 single admission
5 Paul Chagonja S0722/0063/1998 single admission
6 Stella Tamson S0211/0114/2000 single admission
7 Neema Kimaya P1431/0133/2010 single admission
8 Sharifa Mussa S0493/0127/2008 single admission
9 Athumani Manogelwa S0669/0033/1993 single admission
10 Beatrice Kannonyele S0215/0009/1990 multiple admissions
11 Lilian Tesha S0435/0026/1990 multiple admissions
12 Jamari Abdallah S0665/0065/2007 multiple admissions